October 7, 2020

Tips to gain using Scrabble word finder

These tips apply to classic Scrabble and also to competitions, where players have the same 7 letters drawn.

1) Do not open the game
Anticipate so as not to open the gate. To do this, memorize the letters and try to analyze what is left in the pile and in the other players. The goal is to prevent the next player from placing their letters in interesting squares by paying close attention to word endings, especially when there is an expensive letter. Always try to predict what the other player may do.

2) Know its conjugations
French conjugation is a gold mine with over 7,500 conjugable verbs. It is therefore very useful to learn verbs of 4 to 9 letters.

3) Use the ODS rather than a classic dictionary
Knowing the ODS (Scrabble Official) well is a plus for learning smart words. The ODS is more complete than a traditional dictionary because it is produced by the FISF (International Federation of French-speaking Scrabble) which brings together 28 countries. It therefore includes non-French words that are allowed in Scrabble, such as the word “cocoller” in Quebec. In addition, no word goes out of the ODS unlike the dictionary.

ODS is also available as a smartphone app for Android and Apple.

4) Optimize letters with dots
There are 7 expensive letters worth between 8 and 10 points in the Scrabble alphabet. It’s worth the wait to value them. Seek to have those expensive letters and avoid exchanging them!

5) How to find Scrabble in 7 letters?
If you have a 7 letter word that cannot be placed, save the most common letters in the hope of making another. Know that 75% of scrabbles asked are conjugated verbs, hence the importance of tip # 2 to learn conjugations! There are ultimately few unknown words in Scrabble.

More tools can help you like wordigg